Remember -
don't just settle
for a Cart - get
a Kool Kart
"Not Just a Cart - its a Kool Kart"
Kool Karts is a one of a kind Golf Cart Rental Company in Green Turtle Cay.  We
feature only the newest and most updated fleet of Club Car Deluxe Golf Carts for
all your island transportation needs.  Check out photos of our Karts in our

With our friendly staff it is our number one priority to provide you with only the
most superb service at the most competitive rates year round.  We also
always have a skilled mechanic on hand for any unexpected events or we will
provide you with another kart.

Kool Karts is determined to provide our customers with the power, comfort and,
dare we say, the style to get them where they want to go on their vacation.
We will deliver right to your hotel or villa and have it waiting when you arrive or
meet you coming in on the ferry.


To better serve you, we have now expanded our fleet.  Yes, you heard it right!  
We have added 6 more new Club Car Deluxe Golf Carts to our fleet.  We now
own and operate New Plymouth Golf Cart Rentals in addition to Kool Karts Golf
Cart Rentals.  So if you see New Plymouth Golf Cart Rentals, that's us!
Welcome to Kool Karts.... The Island's provider of Transportation in Style!
The Brilanders. formerly known as the "Funk Gang",
are a popular local group, that usually plays in the
Harbour Island area, especially at "Seagrapes"  The y
visited Green Turtle Cay in June 2006 and didn't just
rent any Cart - The rented a Kool Kart

They have toured from London England, to France,
Sweden, & New York City, to Central Florida, & the
Florida Keys, and have appeared alongside "world
famous" musician Jimmy Buffet. With performances
also at Margaritiville in Key West, and the New
Orleans Jazz Festival.
Shown above are The
Brilanders of Harbour Island
in a Kool Kart !
Miss Belgium & Miss Bahamas
The Miss Universe Contestants
of 2009 are so, 'kool,' that they
only rode in Kool Karts during
their tour of the settlement.
Miss Universe
Contestants Riding in
Billy Currington riding in style in a
Kool Kart around Green Turtle during
a visit to film his song, 'People are
Billy Currington filming 'People are