Frequently asked questions

How do I contact Kool Karts to make a reservation?

Just Click here for all of our contact information.

Where do I pick up my Kool Kart when I arrive at Green Turtle Cay?

We will deliver your kart to your hotel or villa or will meet you
coming in on the ferry.

Can I use my Kool Kart on the Beach?

No, None of our Karts are allowed on the beach, at any time, under
any circumstance.

Can my kids drive my Kool Kart?

No, all drivers must have a valid license and be 18 years of age in
order to operate our karts.

Do I need to refill the gas tank when I drop off my kart?

Yes, upon return your tank should be full, otherwise, you will  
charged for refilling the tank at the going rate for gas.

Do you provide discounted rates?

Yes, discounted rates are available based on weekly and monthly
rentals .  We also offer group rates.
Our Carts are well equipped with gas powered engines that are quiet and very
economical.  Unlike battery powered carts, you will never have to worry with the
stress of charging your batteries every night or getting stranded with a dead
At Kool Karts, your comfort is our utmost concern. Our entire fleet is the only on
the island which features a long roof to cover all passengers as well as mud
guards to protect everyone during rain and thereafter from mud on the unpaved
roads of the island.
We offer you only the best Deluxe
Club Cars
on our fleet.
All our carts also feature lifted
frames with
23" all-trail tires for a
more comfortable ride.
All Carts feature rear folding seats
for carrying your luggage.  
Our Carts also feature recessed
head lights
for easy night time
"Not Just a Cart - its a Kool Kart"
Remember -
don't just settle
for a Cart - get
a Kool Kart